In the last 25 years, the United States beer industry has seen — a very fortuitous — explosion of what was once a common institution: the local brewery. These breweries, which are often called “craft” or “micro” breweries, cater to the generation-independent nostalgia of a local watering hole, and to tastes for beer that isn’t the ubiquitous American Lager (Miller, Budweiser, Coors, etc.)  that was served almost exclusively for most of the second half of the 20th century.

Coincident with the re-emergence of the microbrewery has been the popular rise of the homebrewer: a person, or group of friends, who legally ferment their own beer for the purposes of personal enjoyment and trading with other homebrewers. There are now well over one million homebrewers in the U.S..

In the microbrewery and homebrewing market, there exists a disconnect between those who wish to begin homebrewing, and those who are established and/or semiprofessional homebrewers. It is considered common knowledge that “the first brew is always bad,” and the learning curve to create enjoyable beers is often a year or longer for new homebrewers. First-time brewing kits exist, but written materials and DVD-videos are a poor substitute for the knowledge and guidance an experienced brewer can provide. Additionally, many individuals who enjoy beer, and are curious about how they could influence its taste, are daunted by the task of learning to brew themselves or purchasing the equipment they would need, and so stay away from the practice of homebrewing. Existing microbreweries offer tours of their facilities, but rarely bother to explain the process at a level of specificity useful for homebrewing.

The co-founders of Grimhardt Brewing Co. believe that the time is ripe to enter the microbrewery business with the following mission: to brew and serve superior beers while engaging the community through tastings, educational offerings in brewing history, brewing science, and beer-food pairings, and homebrewing courses that offer community members the chance to learn the skills they need to brew successfully at home, or to brew their own unique beers, at Grimhardt Brewing Co., with the supervision of professional staff, which they can then share with their family and friends.

Specifically, Grimhardt Brewing Co. will open a microbrewery that will engage customers through the provision of knowledge about brewing for consumers of all interest levels: for the casually interested, tasting and learning about the different styles of beer; for the interested consumer, offerings on the history of beer and the science behind all aspects of the brewing process; for the curious or corporate consumer, the chance to brew a 31-gallon batch of customized beer with a group of 12 friends, advised by Grimhardt Brewing Co. staff; and for the up-and-coming homebrewer, a step-by-step, interactive class on how to homebrew from start to finish, and during which homebrew is produced.

By drawing on the experience and enthusiasm of its cofounders, Grimhardt Brewing Co. aims to serve a superior product, engage the community, and build a homegrown Arizona brewery whose educational offerings have appeal on a national scale.

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