Colton Brews Brews

Colton brews brews.

Colton graduated from ASU in December of 2012 with a degree in Biology. He has a been interested in the art of brewing beer since he was in high school in Gilbert, AZ. When his teacher gave him an assignment about choosing careers, he decided that brewing beer would be his life passion. At age 16, he started homebrewing (though we are told, not sampling), starting with very simple extract brewing and progressing to his current all grain brewing, which requires milling grains. Colton is very active in the Arizona Society of Homebrewers, where he is a certified beer judge at many large beer festivals here in Arizona. He is currently pursuing professional brewing certification from the American Brewers Guild, and will finish in June 2012. Colton now works at the famous craft brewery, Gordon Biersch, at their Tempe location. He is passionate about brewing and loves to educate anyone who is interested in the art.

Loni Brews Food

Loni brews curriculum.

Loni holds a BS in Sustainability from ASU and is accepted to the ASU College of Education to pursue a Master’s degree in Fall 2013. A certified food manager, Loni is a culinary enthusiast who specializes in matching flavors. Also an educator at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden, Loni has a passion for science education and for raising the public’s level of awareness about how things work. She has written curriculum for a broad range of programs at the Desert Botanical Garden and designed the curriculum standards for another ASU start-up, 2012 Innovation Challenge Winner, Science Detectives, LLC.  Loni especially enjoys preparing food with homebrew as an ingredient.

Eric Brews Business

Eric brews business.

Eric is a 2012 ASU graduate in Biomedical Engineering and will finish a MS in Biomedical Engineering in May 2013. He brings business knowledge and enthusiasm to his role at Grimhardt Brewing Co., where he will set the business direction, keep the books, and speak on behalf of the company. An accomplished orator, Eric won the Entrepreneurs at ASU Pitch Competition in the spring of 2012, and has led his past teams to win pitch-based funding in the ASU Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative, the ASU Innovation Challenge, and the U.S. Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals 1st place prize. Eric constantly adds new “on-the-job” knowledge to his business understanding, and he thrives on team-based creative problem-solving and implementation. He also loves a good homebrew.


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